Lost Mines of Phandelver A

Celebration Day

Princes of the Apocalypse - Session 1

Anathan, who had left the party six months ago to help Adamerlin track down his missing clan, returned to Phandalin, pursued by some sort of air elemental monsters. Before dying, he handed Dulgrimm a symbol, and said the words “I found them”, “Brother”, and “the Eye”.

Sildar Hallwinter asked the party to travel to the Dessarin Valley to track down Anathan’s killers, and look into a delegation from the town of Mirabar that has disappeared, which included three members from the Lord’s Alliance (a moon elf named Teresiel from Silverymoon, a shield elf from Mirabar named Rhundorth and a human noble from Waterdeep named Deseyna Majarra). The diplomats are important but they also carried important documents that have to be recovered at all costs. The moon elf also carried some important seeds that she was taking to the Abbey of Goldenfields.) PLOT POINT ABOUT WHY THESE SEEDS ARE IMPORTANT.

Samya is approached by the Zhentarim in Phandalin with an offer to join their organization.

They know the delegation traveled overland from West Bridge to Beliard. They know they crossed the Stone Bridge, a famed piece of Dwarven architecture and engineering. And then they disappeared on their way to Summit Hall.

The party met Elodar, an Eladrin elf, who had arrived in Red Larch a few days earlier and asked to join the party.

Before he died, a fire priest told Dulgrimm his “sister would be disappointed to hear that.”
The party arrived in the town of Red Larch.

The session ended with the party about to interrogate a CHARMED cultist.



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