Red Larch

Red Larch is a town on the Long Road in the Dessarin Valley, a few days’ travel north of Waterdeep and a few days travel south of Triboar. It’s a way stop for caravans coming to or from the cities of the North, with an Inn named The Swinging Sword, a tavern called The Helm at Highsun, and many craftspeople who cater to travelers.


Notable Locations

(5) Thelorn’s Safe Journeys
(6) Chansyrl Fine Harness
(7) Helvur Tarnlar, Clothier
(9) Tantur Smithy
(13) Ironhead Arms
(16) Waelvur’s Wagonworks (low quality)
(17) Gaelkur’s (poor tools)
(22) Vallivoe’s Sundries

Food & Drink
(3) The Helm at Highsun
(8) Lorren’s Bakery
(10) Drouth’s Fine Poultry
(11) Jalessa Ornra, Butcher
(14) Mhandyvver’s Poultry
(17) Gaelkur’s (poor tavern)
(21) The Market

(12) Dornen Finestone
(18) Mellikho Stoneworks
(19) Luruth’s Tannery

(1) Allfaiths Shrine
(2) The Swinging Sword (lodging)
(4) Mother Yalantha’s (lodging)
(11) Jalessa Ornra, Butcher (law)
(15) Haeleeya’s (bath house & dress shop)
(17) Gaelkur’s (barber)
(20) Bethendur’s Storage


Red Larch

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